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Without cocoa there is no chocolate, and in Prestat we only use the best

One of the most important aspects for Prestat is quality, starting from the raw material up to the consumer and beyond, with excellent after-sales service.

Prestat is immensely proud that all of its recipes are created using carefully sourced single origin cocoa beans from a world leading chocolate company, Domori.

Domori couvertures are single origin from the Cote d’Ivoire and the cacao is traceable to plantation and purchased directly from the farmers’ consortium.

Domori pays more than the price set by the world cocoa market to improve the farmers' income.
Domori is recognised by its peers as being among the best manufacturers of chocolate in the world and has pioneered a unique low impact manufacturing process that roasts and mills at low temperatures to preserve the natural aromatics of fine cocoa.

Furthermore, thanks to Domori's acquisition of Prestat and its consequent entry into the "Polo del Gusto", it will be possible to use more and more types of cocoa, all of excellent quality, to produce all the renowned and loved Prestat's products.

From the moment of its birth Prestat was naturally associated, and rightly so, with the production of luxury chocolate.

This is an attribute recognised by the same customers who recognize the use of an excellent quality raw material, the skill for the production of chocolate and, of course, the quality of the final product.

Over the years, many prominent personalities have purchased from Prestat.

The best known is undoubtedly Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, who requests a chocolate egg for the Royal family and her every Easter. There was a year when the egg did not arrive and, recalled by the Queen's secretary, it was the owner himself who brought the egg to Buckingham Palace!

Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mother, was also a fervent customer of Prestat and in 1975 she granted the company a Royal Warrant.

Another member of the Royal House that was a client was Princess Diana.

Over the years many personalities from the world of entertainment have purchased Prestat products, the great actress Sarah Bernhardt in the 10s, later the actors John Gielgoud and Peggy Ashcroft and, in more recent years, the actor Stephen Fry.

One of the most important clients of the 70s is certainly Roald Dahl, author of the best-seller "Charlie And The Chocolate Factory", who was inspired by Prestat for the composition of the adult novel "Uncle Oswald", using the famous truffles for the plot!

Even nowadays the shop in Princes Arcade attracts important customers, such as politicians and celebrities!

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