Build A Custom Jewel Box – Prestat Chocolates

Our Popular Jewel Boxes Now Personalised

Choose your own chocolates from our chocolatier's selection, from truffles, caramels, and fondants – all made with Single Origin Côte d’Ivoire couverture

Our chocolatiers will assemble your personalised selection into a jewel box.


*Please note that custom boxes require 24 hours for preparation.

OUR Exquisite Range of Chocolates Delivered

At Prestat, we pride ourselves on offering an exquisite range of chocolate selections that cater to every taste and preference. From our classic milk chocolate truffles to our innovative alcohol-free chocolate thins, each product is crafted with the finest ingredients to ensure unparalleled quality and taste. Our luxurious chocolate gift boxes make the perfect present for loved ones, colleagues, or even as a treat for yourself. With a heritage rooted in excellence, Prestat stands as one of the best UK chocolate brands, committed to delivering only the best.


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