Prestat Chocolates London | Sourcing and Sustainability

Sourcing and Sustainability

We believe in the power of the humble cocoa bean and the grower who plants it. So from tree to truffle, bean to bar, grower to chocolatier and Prestat to you, we want to ensure that every bite you take is a moment of participation in our shared mission for better chocolate and pure joy. 

The Cocoa we use

Since the first cocoa-dusted truffles dazzled London in 1902, Prestat has crafted chocolate with uncompromising quality. From bean to bar, tree to truffle, grower to chocolatier, Prestat carefully curates its supply chain and the standard of cocoa used to make its fine chocolates. 

All of our Milk and Dark Chocolates are made with Single Origin Côte d’Ivoire Aromatic Cacao, ethically sourced by our sister company Domori.

Where our chocolate comes from.

Each milk and dark chocolate is made with a variety of cocoa grown in Oulaidon on the Ivory Coast. This Fair Trade supply chain is maintained by the ChocoFair Cote d’lvore network, who work with Domori to protect the biodiversity of their plantations and sustainable farming practices.

Our recipes explained.

Every element of our recipes is luxury, from our carefully sourced raw ingredients to the techniques we use to bring our truffles to delicious life. Take our Dark Pistachio Truffle, for instance. The finest Sicilian Pistachios are ground into a silky butter, and whipped into a white chocolate ganache. The ganache is then piped into fine dark chocolate shells, for a rich, sweet and nutty bite. From here, each lovingly crafted chocolate is packed by hand in one of our vibrantly designed boxes, ready to be opened and tasted with delight. 

Our recipes are inspired by family favourites, British classics and adventurous flavours, from our Salted Caramel Crowns and Earl Grey Truffle, to our Ginger & Saffron Fudge. Each recipe is meticulously developed and tested over a period of months to ensure exquisite flavour and presentation.

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