Exploring the Relationship Between Prestat and the West End: A Theatri – Prestat Chocolates

The relationship between Prestat, the iconic British chocolatier, and the vibrant West End theatre district is a tale of inspiration, creativity, and indulgence.

This unique connection is not only a testament to the rich cultural heritage of London but also to the way art and craftsmanship can intertwine to create something truly exceptional.

In this blog post, we delve into how Prestat drew inspiration from the world of theatre, the fascinating story behind the creation of their famous Red Velvet Truffle, and the illustrious patrons who have enjoyed their chocolates.

West End Stage Door, not far from the Prestat shop in Princes Arcade Piccadilly

The Theatrical Inspiration Behind Prestat

Prestat’s history is steeped in the same kind of elegance and tradition that one associates with the West End. Founded in 1902 by Antoine Dufour, Prestat quickly became a favourite among royalty and celebrities.

Over the years, Prestat’s chocolates have graced the tables of prestigious events and have been enjoyed by some of the most renowned figures in the arts, including the late Sir John Gielgud and Dame Peggy Ashcroft, both legendary actors of the British stage.

The West End, often referred to as the theatre district of London, is renowned for its world-class performances, grand theatres, and a vibrant cultural scene. It is a place where stories come to life, emotions are heightened, and the senses are delighted. This atmosphere of creativity and luxury perfectly complements the ethos of Prestat, especially after Neville Croft's acquisition of Prestat from the Dufours, and the opening of Prestat's new stores in the West End.

The actor Sir John Gielgud, one of Prestat's most loyal customers

A Symphony of Flavours: The Red Velvet Truffle

One of the most celebrated creations of Prestat is the Red Velvet Truffle. This particular confection is a beautiful embodiment of the theatrical spirit of the West End. But how did this delicious treat come into being?

The story of the Red Velvet Truffle begins with Prestat’s desire to capture the essence of a theatrical experience in a single bite. The West End is synonymous with grandeur, excitement, and a touch of mystery—elements that Prestat wanted to reflect in their chocolates.

It didn't hurt that one of Bill Keeling's friend, a West End actress, requested Prestat come up with a truffle inspired by her favourite cake flavour, the Red Velvet Cake.

Inspired by the opulence and drama of the theatre, the chocolatiers at Prestat set out to create a truffle that was both visually stunning and richly flavourful. The red velvet cake, with its deep crimson hue and velvety texture, provided the perfect muse.

The challenge was to translate this beloved dessert into a truffle that would evoke the same sense of luxury and indulgence.

The Sarah Bernhardt: A Tribute to Theatrical Elegance

Prestat’s connection to the world of theatre is further exemplified by their creation of the Sarah Bernhardt chocolate.

Named after the iconic actress, this delicacy features an inverted violet cream—a unique twist where violet fondant is on the outside and chocolate is on the inside. This innovative treat pays homage to Bernhardt’s dramatic flair and timeless elegance, embodying the spirit of the theatre in every bite.

A Lasting Legacy

The relationship between Prestat and the West End is a celebration of two iconic elements of British culture.

Both are steeped in history and tradition, yet continue to innovate and delight new generations. The Red Velvet Truffle and the Sarah Bernhardt stand as delicious symbols of this connection, perfect treats to enjoy whether you're attending a grand performance or simply savoring a quiet moment of indulgence.

The world of theatre has long been a source of inspiration for many, and Prestat's chocolates are a testament to this enduring relationship.

Through their exquisite creations, Prestat continues to honour the elegance and excitement of the West End, bringing a touch of theatrical magic to chocolate lovers everywhere.

A fun nod to this history can still be seen in our Princes Arcade shop in Piccadilly, where the window frames are shaped like theatre curtains.