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Our Truffles and Recipes

At Prestat, we have been perfecting our recipes for over 120 years. Our Maitre Chocolatiers select the finest ingredients and apply their craft and expertise to designing truly special flavours that are perfect for sharing with the special people in your life. Prestat, crafting happiness since 1902.

Chambery, December 1895.

Two brothers, Louis and Antoine Dufour, are experimenting with their pastry skills.

Running out of materials to prepare their Christmas desserts, and not wanting to buy from their competitors, Louis has the idea of mixing heavy cream, vanilla and cocoa powder, and dipping it in melted chocolate before dusting it in cocoa.

To this day, our Maitre Chocolatiers still work with hundreds of our original recipes, such as the Napoleon III Truffle, named after the French Emporer exiled in London, who was said to be very fond of them.

They are also always working on developing new flavours and techniques to stay at the forefront of truffles innovation.