Indulgent Celebrations: Exploring Royal Christmas Traditions – Prestat Chocolates

As the festive season approaches, there's a certain magic in the air, reminiscent of royal Christmas traditions steeped in history and luxury. At Prestat, we're inspired by these majestic celebrations, as well as our rich history, and we've crafted a collection of chocolates that embody the essence of royal Christmases past and present.

The Majesty of Christmas: Royal Traditions Through the Ages

The British Royal Family has celebrated Christmas with various unique traditions. One of the most enchanting is the Royal Christmas Broadcast, initiated by King George V in 1932.

Imagine listening to this historic speech while savouring our Jewel Box, a selection of chocolates that pay homage to classic recipes and to Queen Victoria's personal chocolate box.

A Royal Palette: Christmas Chocolates Inspired by Monarchies  

Our Jewel Box assortment is inspired by the opulent dessert tables of European monarchies. Did you know that Queen Victoria was known for her lavish Christmas feasts, where chocolate was a staple? Indulge in these luxurious flavours, each piece a tribute to royal taste.

Celebrating Like Royalty: How Our Chocolates Complement Traditional Feasts

Modern royal Christmas celebrations, like those at Sandringham House, include a grand Christmas lunch. Complement your festive table with our Festive Selection truffle box, echoing the sophistication of a royal Christmas meal.

As you embrace the festive spirit, let Prestat bring a touch of royal elegance to your celebrations. Our chocolates, inspired by centuries of royal traditions, promise to make your Christmas truly majestic.