Prestat's Best Hot Chocolate Recipe – Prestat Chocolates

Hot chocolate is a magical elixir with the ability to bring unbridled joy. If you are looking for the best hot chocolate recipes, or if you have ever wondered how to make hot chocolate, then look no further and wonder no more. Our hot chocolate recipes have been lovingly crafted by our team of chocolatiers, for a hot chocolate that is rich, velvety, and oh, so, delicious.

Prestat’s Magical Elixir (Hot Chocolate) Serves 1:

Ingredients - 250 mls of Full Fat Milk, Almond Milk or Oat Milk, 60 g of finely chopped dark chocolate (we recommend any of our Chocolate Bars for a truly delicious treat and an extra hint of flavour), and a generous dollop of whipped cream to top it off.

Method: Gently heat the milk and chocolate together in a saucepan, stirring as you go, until the milk and chocolate are combined. Once your magical elixir is ready, pour into your favourite mug and top with a generous helping of whipped cream. 

If you want to glow up your hot chocolate and give it a little character, we’d recommend adding the below.

For a Sea Salt Hot Chocolate Recipe, recommended by our own Sigrid Gelati, use our Pink Everest Chocolate Bar (which is infused with Pink Himalayan Sea Salt), or add a pinch of Sea Salt Flakes to your elixir as it melts in the pan.

For a Chilli Hot Chocolate Recipe, our Head Chocolatier, Ricarte Mariz, recommends adding a drop or two of chilli oil to your hot chocolate. For a warming and slightly spicy delight! 

For a Mexican Hot Chocolate Recipe, double up on the milk (using 500mls) and add a pinch each of cinnamon and chilli (and maybe a pinch of brown sugar to taste). For an aromatic and heart warming treat. 

For a Boozy Hot Chocolate Recipe, we recommend adding 2 tablespoons of either Rum, Whiskey, or maybe even a little Baileys. 

For some people, it’s all about the toppings. Our own Marie-Lorraine Michot loves her hot chocolate with a handful of tiny marshmallows. Or you can lavish up your hot chocolate by topping it with whipped cream and a couple of exquisite Prestat truffles.

Looking for a hot chocolate gift instead? We have just the thing! 

Our exquisite range includes two hot chocolates, Heavenly Flakes (milk chocolate) & Midnight Flakes (dark chocolate), each made with single origin couverture from the Ivory Coast. Priced at £13.50, our luxury Hot Chocolate Gift Tins make a joyous gift for any occasion from birthdays and anniversaries, right through to a corporate desk-drop gift.