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Heritage London Chocolates Since 1802


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Our handcrafted range of chocolates are perfect for summer gifting or as a personal treat.

Create Your Personal Jewel Box

Pick your own set of chocolates from our chocolatier's handmade range of truffles, caramels, and fondants – all made with Single Origin Côte d’Ivoire Couverture

Discover the Rich History of Prestat Chocolates

Explore the captivating history of Prestat Chocolates, and our legacy steeped in theatrical flair and royal elegance.

Established in 1902, Prestat has been the preferred indulgence for theatre-goers and chocolate connoisseurs alike. With a prestigious Royal Warrant, we are one of London's iconic chocolatierers and continue to enchant with luxurious creations.

Read more to discover the journey of a brand that has sweetened the palates of royalty and everyday chocolate lovers for over a century.

Since inventing the chocolate truffle in 1802, we've proudly held a Royal Warrant, ensuring our legacy as a heritage British chocolatier.

To this day, our Maitre Chocolatiers still work with hundreds of our original recipes, such as the Napoleon III Truffle, named after the French Emporer exiled in London, who was said to be very fond of them.

They are also always working on developing new flavours and techniques to stay at the forefront of truffles innovation.

Discover Our Story

Our Exclusive Limited Edition Magical Garden Collection

Inspired by British heritage, the decadent flavours and vibrant packaging of the Magical Garden collection is a collaboration between the V&A and Prestat, drawing inspiration from the literary bestseller 'Alice In Wonderland'.

Indulge in the delicate & smooth taste of white chocolate, perfectly paired with the luscious sweetness of strawberries and the fragrant essence of elderflower.


When you can't say it with words, say it with Prestat.
Find the perfect gift to show how much they mean to you.

Our commitment extends beyond tradition to innovation, ensuring each chocolate we create embodies the finest quality and a piece of British heritage.

Our Mission & Values

Since the first cocoa-dusted truffles dazzled London in 1902, Prestat has crafted chocolate with uncompromising quality. From bean to bar, tree to truffle, grower to chocolatier, Prestat carefully curates its supply chain and the standard of cocoa used to make its fine chocolates. 

All of our Milk and Dark Chocolates are made with Single Origin Côte d’Ivoire Aromatic Cacao, ethically sourced by our sister company Domori.

"Delicious and wonderful flavours
The best rose and violet creams in the world"


"Always loved Prestat and was looking for a special treat for Christmas so really pleased with the whole process of ordering via the website and the fast efficient delivery."

Glenn H.

Have been visiting this brand for more than 30 years as have never found a better product. If you love chocolate, Prestat is the place to visit.

Nicholas P.

Just walking into the shop transports me to chocolate heaven. The chocolate, truffles and amazing fillings are on another level.

Rob M.


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