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Chocolate Thins Collection

The thin, crunchy disks are made of perfectly tempered chocolate and lifted with the finest ingredients, such as Black Mitcham Peppermint Oil from Summerdown Farm in our Crisp English Peppermint Thins or our Organic Neroli Elixir in our Blood Orange and Neroli Elixir Milk chocolate Thins . Let yourself be enchanted by the shiny discs of chocolate, the enticing aroma and experience the perfect snap in every bite. We recommend enjoying our thins with a glass of wine, or perhaps lovely cup of tea after dinner. The perfect way to indulge without the guilt!

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Build A Personalised Jewel Box

Pick your own set of chocolates from our chocolatier's handmade range of truffles, caramels, and fondants – all made withSingle Origin Côte d’Ivoire Couverture

Prestat Chocolates London | London's favourite posh chocolates. From the inventor of the chocolate truffle.
Proudly made in London since 1902.


Sustainability is at the core of everything we do here at Prestat. We have been pioneers within the chocolate industry for 120 years and alongside our magic and expertise, we take pride in our commitment to being a force for change for people and the planet.

Prestat Chocolates London | London's best selling chocolate truffles. Enjoyed by the Royal Family and Celebrities for over 120 years, delivered to your doorstep.
We only use the finest ingredients to make our chocolates and truffles.

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