Prestat Chocolates London | Our Mission and Values

Mission & Values

Quality, innovation, and a new chocolate culture; these are the Prestat values.


Since we peddled the first chocolate truffle in 1902, our aim has been to bring joy to the hearts of chocolate lovers.

With every truffle, bar, and bonbon, we craft chocolate with purpose and heart.

From the work we do with our sister company Domori to ensure a fair, ethical and short supply chain, our high quality ingredients and adventurous flavours, to our efforts to reduce our environmental impact.

Our mission

We believe in the power of the humble cocoa bean and the grower who plants it. So from tree to truffle, bean to bar, grower to chocolatier and Prestat to you, we want to ensure that every bite you take is a moment of participation in our shared mission for better chocolate and pure joy.

Female led and empowered brand.

We are a female led and empowered brand. From the talented women who make up 85% of our team, to our CEO Micaela Illy. The incredible people we work with are at the heart of Prestat, and our chocolate wouldn’t pack its delicious punch without them.

When you take that first bite of a Prestat Chocolate, you are supporting not only our mission for better and sustainable chocolate, you are helping a diverse team of people grow and empower each other.



We seek uncompromising quality in everything we do. From our ethical supply chain to every morsel of chocolate. All of our chocolate is made with single origin cocoa, sourced by our sister company Domori. Together, we ensure our farming network is supported with Fair Trade and sustainable farming practices, and that we grow and select the best cocoa beans. Using the finest ingredients, we concoct delicious recipes to deliver unparalleled taste and presentation.


We treasure our heritage and authenticity. Since our founder, Antoine Dufour, opened our first shop in 1902, we have safeguarded our truffle recipe and the artistry of our chocolatiers. From decade to decade, we have built on the Dufour heritage with flavourful recipes and British craftsmanship. We are now a household name, and the proud owner of a Royal Warrant granted by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.


We believe in doing what is right. From maintaining an ethical, traceable and short supply chain, minimising our impact on the environment, to ensuring that everyone on the Prestat Team is treated with respect and care.


We are family owned and run, and we know that companies are only as extraordinary as the people who work for them. Every person who works for Prestat is part of that family, and we care for one another.


We approach everything with enthusiasm. We even play music in our factory all day long. Everything we do is filled with boundless joy, because we love to celebrate life. From our vibrant packaging to the sheer deliciousness of every chocolate we make, every Prestat box is designed to bring joy to you and everyone you gift


We are working hard for a sustainable future, both for Prestat and our global community. From the sustainable farming and sourcing practices undertaken by our sister company Domori to the efforts we are making to reduce our environmental impact, we are committed to change. By the end of 2022, we will have removed 90% of single use plastic from all of our packaging.

We are also planning investments into our chocolate factory, to improve our energy efficiency and increase our use of low impact materials. This will see us switch to 100% renewable energy in January 2023. We know we aren’t perfect, but we are ambitious and determined to learn, grow and change.

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We are always looking for ways to contribute to our global community. From the care we take in maintaining an ethical supply chain and supporting local farmers across the Ivory Coast, to charity projects right here in the UK.


We are currently working with The Felix Project, Roald Dahl's Marvellous Children’s Charity, Cancer Research and The Sick Children’s Trust. We care, and we will do whatever we can to spread a little joy.

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