The truffles

Prestat made truffles known to the world and truffles made Prestat known to the world

Prestat truffles are the house specialty!

They were invented by Louis Dufour, pastry chef from Chambéry, France, in December 1895.
Running out of raw material to prepare his year-end desserts and refusing the dishonor to obtain supplies from a colleague, this chocolatier therefore had the idea of mixing custard, vanilla and cocoa powder and dipping everything in melted chocolate before covering it with chocolate powder.
Thus was born the chocolate truffle.

It was Louis' brother Antoine Dufour - also a pastry chef - who made this exquisite delicacy known to the world when in 1902 he emigrated to London and established Prestat.

The truffles were from the beginning, and still are, the centerpiece of the shop, attracting people from all over the world and suitable for every type of palate.

Today there are many varieties of truffles but the recipe is traditionally the same: based on dark chocolate, butter, eggs and bitter cocoa powder, with a typical spherical or ball shape.

In this panorama the Prestat truffles remain the best known and most loved ones!

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